U soak water from everywhere why cant u soak my tear

U give shining to all why not to my face

U dry all the places why not the tears from my heart

U can burn all d things why not me then





Again I am starting to be happy …..may b I am healing

Again I am starting to love myself…may b I am healing

Again I am watching roses…may b I am healing

Again I am feeling good in cold wind…may b I am healing

Again I am searching rainbow in the sky..may b I am healing

Again I am getting courage to dream…may b I am healing

Again I am playing with water….May b I am healing

All will be ok again like before…without you…after somedays…

May b I am healing………………….

Unknown truth

Death is the truth everyone knows. But when we do live that time also we see death, we feel the pain of death,  we come across death, we try to live our life again after death.

When smile comes from our face everyone think we are happy. But that smile sometime come with full of tears,  sometime full of pain, sometime full of regret and sometime to make our loved one feel happy although we are sad inside.

When sea is calm all thinks this is a sign of good weather. But this calmness take cyclone, take stroam and at the end destroy everything.

What we see is not right. What we dont see also not right. People say difficult to hide the truth although truth always hide itself to change the name as unknown truth…..


I am wrong for all cases. From selecting my childhood friends to selecting my color of dress. I am wrong because I did all thing wrong. When I should enjoy then I started following people who are just needing me for a while. I heard all the advice and listen all thing like a puppy. But at the conclusion I got one line you are good for nothing. Still I got courage to be alive…. Don’t know how… Now still I am alive …Don’t know why……………….